Apple Macbook Pro MJLQ2LL/A 15-inch Laptop

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Last updated on December 3, 2019 5:08 pm

2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz, 6 MB shared L3 cache) 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L RAM; 512 GB PCIe-based Flash Storage 15.4-inch IPS Retina Display, 2880-by-1800 resolution Intel Iris Pro and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Graphics OS X Yosemite

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  • At you can purchase Kuzy - BLACK Rubberized Hard Case for Older MacBook Pro 15.4" with Retina Display A1398 15-Inch Plastic Shell Cover - BLACK for only $19.95, which is 98% less than the cost in Walmart ($1,200.99).
  • The lowest price of Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" Retina Display Intel Core i7 2.2GHz 16GB 256GB MGXA2LL/A was obtained on December 26, 2019 12:37 pm.

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Current Price $19.95 December 26, 2019
Highest Price $19.95 October 15, 2019
Lowest Price $19.95 October 15, 2019
Since October 15, 2019

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$19.95 October 15, 2019

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Specification: Apple Macbook Pro MJLQ2LL/A 15-inch Laptop


Apple Computer



Screen Size

15 inches

Max Screen Resolution

2880×1800 pixels


2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

Processor Count




Memory Speed

1600 MHz

Hard Drive (GB)

256 GB PCIe-based Flash

Hard Drive Interface

Solid State

Card Description



Intel Iris Pro / NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

Chipset Brand


Wireless Type

802.11A, 802.11 A/C, 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n

Operating System

OS X Mavericks


Item Dimensions

Height: 71, Length: 973, Width: 1413

Item Weight

4.45 pounds


1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Average Battery Life

14 hours

Display Technology

Retina Display


720p FaceTime HD camera, Sharp Retina Display

Customer Feedback

Was expecting better. Crack/chip on the outside screen. Dent underneath. Battery life lasts about an hour tops.Product review said everything should be brand new condition. Battery life should be around 7 hours but no where near that. It only came in a sealed plastic wrap and a box. No other packaging. Very disappointed in this so called "certified refurbished" item.
Amazon Customer - October 7, 2018
Very pleased with my purchase, it is a refurbished apple mac pro but looks brand new and runs perfectly
Mark Bagley - March 12, 2018
Arrived in immaculate condition and works perfectly including all ports. Even though it is an older model it still runs Office 365 without any problems.
Graham Kerr Whitfield - June 19, 2018
This is a great computer for video editing. I bought this for my son who is studying media arts. He will be using it a lot for his classes.
Donna Odom - July 6, 2018
This is honestly the best version of MacBook pros ever made. No keyboard issues — aka loud butterfly switches and flat keys. No Touch ID issues. It’s got the fastest processor and the most memory. Best bang for the buck. Only wish the seller (Supreme Deals CR) would’ve replaced the battery since it came at 609 cycles (out of 1000 recc. cycles). But I think that would just vary seller to seller. Computer was clean and worked great. Just had a couple dings on the edges hardly noticeable. Will hopefully last me a long time.
Deal Guy - December 23, 2018
I love it. Runs perfectly!!
karina Desiderio - May 23, 2018
I was reluctant to buy refurbished, but it's been great. You cannot get any Apple Care with it, but I also have a good local computer shop should I have issues or questions. It's been great - easier to use and lighter. I miss having the CD/DVD tray, but that can be bought aftermarket for a small sum.
Diana Gannett - January 13, 2019
Good value for the refurbished price!
Amazon Customer - May 21, 2018
It's fits perfectly. Thank you. Now my Mac look very very nice and fully protects from scratches. Regards, Juan.
Juan Castro LLibre - May 19, 2017
This is a wonderful, thin case for a wonderful, thin laptop. I like to protect my MacBook from scratches, so I've had a number of cases for my old 2009 MacBook 15 inch, the Kuzy was my choice for its successor 2016 MacBook. It arrived safely packaged and installed without any fanfare or troubles. In the packaging, I was concerned that the color was far more muted than depicted and hoped, but as you can see, the color is quite close. My business colors are bright green, so I'm loving the case! It is also great when going through security at the airport to have something other than unprotected gray laptop showing in the gray bins--I'd hate to have someone grab my machine by mistake. There is a very slight rubberized texture to the outside surface that I like--it makes it just grippy enough to one-hand it in and out of my laptop bag. Good value, looks like excellent molding and engineering quality, awesome color. I can highly recommend this product (and I am not a paid or compensated reviewer).
NoKitten - December 7, 2016
I love the KUZY hard covers for my Macbook Pro w/retina laptop. I have bought other brands that have little tabs on the corners of the bottom, and they break really easy, and then the bottom won't stay on. But KUZY makes theirs click on the inside of the of the heat release area. So, they stay on! I have several of these in different colors. I have purple, black, teal and clear...
Lynn - April 17, 2016
Added my name. Super cute. Thanks.
VStank - May 21, 2017
I got this for my 15" mackbook pro mainly because I travel with it every day and I also have a toddler that doesn't understand the concept of expensive things and the metal finish on the MBP as you are no doubt aware, is extremely nice and would be a shame to scratch or dent up.I wanted something that would retain the clean silver aesthetic and although the dbrand skins are high quality stuff (I have one on my nexus 6P) I wanted something that would offer some form of impact protection. The frosted color was the perfect solution. It still looks silver and from a distance, it's actually hard to tell that there is a cover on it.Several friends with macbooks have these Kuzy covers and all seem to really like them so I grabbed this and after getting it fit into place, I'm happy with the results. It's unobtrusive and doesn't really mess with the sleek form factor of the device at all. I carry it in a Snugg bag (also really nice and very functional) and it still slips into that no problem.If I had to nitpick, I would say that the molding on the edges could be a bit smoother. There were a couple of rough spots but a few rubs with a piece of sandpaper smoothed them up nice. The bottom rear corner is also not protected from impact at all (as one unlucky reviewer has posted a photo showing) and I think if they wanted to, they could have engineered this to wrap up on the corners without interfering​ with the hinge if they really wanted to.
Drew Lankford - June 28, 2016
Absolutely LOVE the rubberized hard Kuzy cases. The mint green is my favorite color... bought the mint with floral design for an employee and love it even MORE. Fits our 15.4" macbook pros perfectly. Would like to see more design options and even a rose gold color. Thanks!
Tiffany - January 22, 2016
Fits snugly. Bottom half does not hang loose when lifting the laptop, contrary to one of the reviews below. There are 2 notches along the bottom cover's edge, that suggest the bottom cover be put on a certain way; failure to do so could create an effect of hanging off when the laptop is lifted.The touch is smooth, somewhat rubbery, which I like as it contributes to a more rigged, less slippery surface.The rubber feet are adjusted properly, no issues.I like the Orange color - it's apples and oranges here 😉
Isaac R. - October 12, 2016
Laptop cover looks amazing, feels great. Fitement is awesome also, only gripe I have is that the bottom base cover does not cover the rear corners of the laptop. I'm sure be cause of clearance issues. But a great case overall
rene garcia - June 1, 2016
I hate to post a negative review - but I have to tell the truth. I am a Network engineer/Systems Analyst and purchased this MacBook Pro MJLQ2LL/A to essentially save a bit of money as these are supposed to be 100% in perfect working order, .. they were only released in Mid 2015 so the model one is getting can only be X months old at best.Anyhow -- I opened the package, everything looks fine,.. a few scuff marks but nothing significant - most were able to be removed with a decent cleaning/microfiber/elbow grease.Problem though.. a big one. - Immediately I noticed it didn't run very quickly. I thought it odd that browsing the web (first thing I really did to 'test' it) was painfully slow for an i7-Quad core with 16GB of RAM.The processors at idle are running at 60% System in aggregate several hundred percent added together.Thus the fans both Right and Left are running at ~6,000 RPM constantly. If I turn off the computer/shutdown completely , let it sit for a while.. Then boot it up -- It's silent for maybe a few seconds to 10-15 seconds. So the fans aren't locked ON. But,.. after that they ramp up to full throttle within 30-60 seconds or so and never stop running at full speed.So I reset the SMC. I go to El Cap. OSX -- Then I decide to just delete the partition/drive and recover via apple's servers the original OSX Yos. with the C + R upon boot recovery mode.Even in the Recovery mode the fans are going at full bore. I knew at that point there was nothing *I* could do to this unless I wanted to open it up (Which is what I do for a living, but not on a brand new MacBook Pro of my own just received). We shouldn't have to hassle with troubleshooting a computer that we paid $1500-$2000 for out of the box, even if you know 'how'. Just the point of it.Now, given the reviews I'm the exception here. I hate to be that guy, and trust me I hate to now have to go through the process of repacking, returning, and then being uncertain about even re-ordering/allowing replacement given what happened here. I'd want another *different* machine not this one opened up and repaired if that makes sense.It doesn't give one a great deal of confidence in the Amazon trusted company here (Square Deals Inc) - As I was sent a couple thousand dollar Laptop that has a hardware failure (Nothing that was caused via Shipping, no damage.) -- This problem existed when this was packed up and 'certified/recertified'.Anyhow -- I'll update how the return and if the company or at least Amazon makes things right with this faulty machine for any curious.TLDR: Received a MacBook Pro 15.4" (2015/16) Model that was not damaged but had/has a hardware failure within the SMC/CPU/Cooling -- Best guess is the problem it was sent back for was never actually fixed.These things happen - People get lemons of even the best products. Hopefully this is a 1% type of scenario for everyone else who is considering going refurbished via Amazon, the other ~16 reviews are very positive.
Jared G. - April 30, 2016
BLUF: Well worth the risk from reading a couple bad reviews. My experience has been great! Cant beat the price or the product.After reading every review there was of this product, I was still hesitant to purchase it because I wasn't 100% sure what I was getting. This is why I went ahead and made a video and took a couple hours of my day reviewing this product for all future buyers like myself. Note that no one has paid me to make this review. This is just something I wanted to do because we are spending a lot of money here and need to be as best prepared as possible.Other places I considered, researched, and didn't end up going with were:-Best Buy: New and Geek Squad Certified-Base Exchange: (I'm in the military so the tax break was very appealing) New-Apple: New and Certified Refurbished inventoryIn the end, this came out to be the best price, even among sale items by about $80 (best buy geek squad certified). The cheapest new one I could find was on base which was $1798.99 on sale. Those of you in the military, always keep an eye on these. With that price and the random additional sales they do, this could be the way to go at the right time of year.This is the most recent MacBook Pro I could find without losing all of the plug-ins I wanted. The touch bar didn't appeal to me, and even if it did, I don't know that the price difference could justify it. The one I received was a Mid 2015, Retina, with all the other details given in the item description.I was nervous about 3 things which I will cover and then be done:1. Version: Get familiar with model and serial numbers to ensure you know the correct MacBook you are looking for. Apple posts these on their website and I found this very helpful in finally landing on buying this model. It did end up being the correct product 'as advertised' but the reason I was nervous was a negative review said they actually got a 2012 version. I would not have been okay with that. Nonetheless, I received the item I was expecting and couldn't be more pleased.2. Condition: This was critical. If this item had even a scratch on it, I would have returned it. The reason is, an 'Apple Certified Refurbished' Product has to be in mint condition. Read their specification for calling it a Refurb on apples website. If this item on amazon claims to be the same, then I was expecting the same. And WOW did they deliver. I have a video on youtube that shows every side to this bad boy... and its perfect. The only fingerprints I noticed on it were mine from unwrapping it. No scratches, no dust, no fingerprints, no dents, nothing. Immaculate. Also, the battery cycle count was 1. Yes, 1.3. Apple Certified Refurbished: Was this just something they threw in the item description or was it really Apple Certified. YES, it really is apple certified. You can get a warranty on it if you like... though, they are not my cup of tea. If you are a worry wart... there is absolutely not reason why you shouldn't get this product for $1625, then pay the $350 for the AppleCare 3 year warranty, and you are still out the door for less than you would spend on a brand new one. You CANNOT beat that.So, do I recommend Amazons advertised Apple Certified Refurbished MacBook Pro? Yes. Without question. Again, if it weren't in great condition, you simply send it back to Amazon for a full refund. So why not at least try it? I would recommend you do what I did which is videotape or photograph the unboxing in case you do get a lemon like apparently a couple people did. That would make the return process that much easier. Hope this review helps. Take the plunge! Search on youtube: "macbook pro 15-inch, mid 2015 version, amazon certified refurbished" and look for my video to view this specific item. Again, I am not getting paid by anyone for any of this... just trying to help out.
Roy Miller - February 22, 2017
I ordered this "Refurbished" 2015 15" Macbook Pro with high hopes from SupremeDealsCR who had a 100% positive rating. The computer arrived with several issues:(1) The charger was the small Macbook Air charger and not the 85W charger that the 15" Macbook is supposed to come with. Also the cord with the AC plug was not included.(2) There were DENTS on the bottom, which was also scratched up as if it had been in use for a long time. There were several dings around the edges, and the ports were dusty.(3) The "down" button on the keyboard was loose and didn't work consistently.(4) The description said the computer came with a 1-yr warranty from Apple, but when I looked up the serial number, it said that the warranty was no longer valid. Also, the description indicates that this is an "Apple Certified Pre-Owned" unit, but this is definitely not the case.The battery had ~347 charge cycles on it, which seemed high for something claiming to be refurbished. This computer would be more accurately described as "used". I believe the generic description provided was misleading, and did not indicate the poor condition of the actual unit.Returned immediately.
Nishad Joshi - November 6, 2018
Very unsatisfactory. The description said it is refurbished to look like New with minimal or no signs of wear. The laptop looks like it was dragged behind a truck. The screen is filthy and scratched. The keyboard looks like someone spilled coffee on it. There was nothing said about components not being there, yet it arrived with no charger. No manual or paperwork of any kind. I'm very disappointed with this purchase and it will be returned less than 12 hours after receiving it.
Amazon Customer - February 11, 2017
I have tried several privacy screens for both my MacBook and MacBook Pro. This one was superior to the last ones I have even rebought in the past. This screen came with discrete double sided gel tabs that can't be seen, came with 6 tabs but I only needed 2 (one for each corner). It was shipped in a solid package with a hard plastic sheath over the screen (previous purchases have arrived bent and therefore did not fit my screen).This screen is complete black out when tilted away while interfering the lowest while in direct view, previous I found the blackened didn't have the best privacy and reduced screen quality compared to the gold ones. The camera slide is a great added bonus. Recently my company added video conferencing to our intracompany software and having tape or a sticky note over my 1,700$ laptop looks so cheap. This brand has thought of several factors for a high quality product. Considering how much I spend on the laptops, I expect privacy screen of equal quality and I feel I have found that in this one. I can't even tell it's on!
jessica reilly - November 24, 2018
Really great to have you use this a lot when I’m using my laptop from work and I’m not at home it’s a nice privacy screen and it’s good peace of mind to have to protect things
Natalie - September 20, 2018
Absolutely fabulous and you cannot tell it is even attached to my MacBook Pro's screen. Does not collect my fingerprints from the keyboard when closing. Just so buyers are aware, it does not shut all the way with the privacy screen on, but it forewarns prior to buying in the product description. Tested out the quality sitting next to someone on the couch and they could not see! Love this product and will buy again in the future for gifts or other computers I own.
Summer - November 29, 2018
I purchased this for my wife's 15' MacBook Pro, and she absolutely loves it. The installation is effortless (easy-go as it is magnetic), and it fits the screen perfectly. For privacy protection, It does its job pretty well (I can't see what are shown on the screen if I am not staring it right in front the screen). The webcam cover is certainly a plus. So far, she has been very happy with the purchase :-).
M. - December 10, 2018
Great quality. Fast shipping. I’d recommend evenryon in my law firm to get one of these.
Junius - October 14, 2018
Makes the screen look blurry
Diana C - January 1, 2019
This is a great screen protector. It's helped relieve my eye pain from glare/brightness and is quite good at keeping the screen private. I've actually received a lot of compliments and inquiries about it. My only complaint, which isn't a huge one, is sometimes the sliding cover for camera slides open on its own after carrying my laptop somewhere.
Amy C - January 2, 2019
This item is very durable, easy to use and easy to clean BUT it doesn’t offer any privacy if someone is behind you. Sitting. Standing. The angle makes no difference. There is only privacy from the sides.
Danica Gastelum - January 8, 2019
Best Computer Model I think. It has everything you need, a great screen, HDMI port USB ports and a sturdy charging cable. Functions better than my fathers brand new MacBook and Pro
Will - November 6, 2018
I love the refurbished items! It’s a great value for a computer that works just as well as it’s brand new counterpart.
Derek Rohde - January 10, 2019
This is my first time buying an Apple product on Amazon. The appearance of this product is awesome. I did not find any issue when I used it for video chatting and watching movies. Fairly good laptop.
Angela Tuckoski - March 1, 2018
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