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iPhone X Case Cover with Kickstand

1High quality PCU and TPU Double Reinforcement
2Dirt Resistant, Shock Proof, Anti Slip
3Multi-angle kickstand is convenient for reading, watching movies, playing games.
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iPhone X Case Cover with Kickstand

$11.99 $15.99

iPhone X Case Cover with Kickstand

Price History for ROCK Royce Ultra Slim Hybrid Shockproof Case Cover with Kickstand for iPhone X


Current Price £7.95 January 11, 2020
Highest Price £7.95 January 11, 2020
Lowest Price £7.95 January 11, 2020
Since January 11, 2020

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£7.95 January 11, 2020

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  • At you can purchase ROCK Royce Ultra Slim Hybrid Shockproof Case Cover with Kickstand for iPhone X for only £7.95, which is 62% less than the cost in Amazon ($20.99).
  • The lowest price of ESR iPhone X Case, Metal Kickstand Case [Vertical and Horizontal Stand] [Reinforced Drop Protection] Hard PC Back with Flexible TPU Bumper for iPhone X (2017)(Black) was obtained on January 11, 2020 5:28 am.
  1. The reason why i gave this product 3 stars not 5 Because The Kickstand is really Soft made and plastic its almost like easy to break it by mistake and the Screen protector came with the case is not adjusted as the X Screen it all like its really taller than the screen so the edges of your screen will be over covered not short but taller so u should be fine if you dont care the screen protector to be exactly on the edge…if they fixed this 2 little problems it will be awesome and it looks good actually it looks really good on my X so if your heavy user on the kickstand and u drop yr phone a lot dont buy it and go get Armor case with kickstand but if u take care good on your phone and u dont want it to be heavy on your hand or in your pocket like your carrying a Basketball then get this one its Thin and looks really good

  2. James L. Gadsden February 3, 2018 at 3:14 pm

    This is a really nice case. The fit is excellent and the color is stunning. I have red. The feel of the black material has a nice texture and feel. Not slippery but not overly grippy. The buttons are clicky and the cut-outs precise. The only thing keeping it from a fifth star is the flimsy kickstand. I use kickstands on my phone very frequently so I need one that will last. If the kickstand doesn’t mean much to you it is a five star case. Seems like it would have decent drop protection from normal carrying heights to the ground. The front lip is very small.Update : I added photos. The lighting makes the case look slightly orange but it is not. It’s a really pretty dark red.

  3. Wow, looks exquisite, and works well. My iPhone is always in waist bag, there are many hard tools, and always scratch the back of the phone, and now this problem has been solved. Very satisfied!

  4. ADVANTAGES:Sturdy build quality (initial impression)Provides good protection all aroundButtons for power and volume are protected and work easily.Stand works in portrait and landscape position.Works with wireless charger.Stylish design.COULD BE IMPROVED:Makes phone noticeably heavier.Side edges are smooth & slippery, so to hold vertically requires a firm and steady grip.Side mute/vibrate switch is deeply recessed and hard to reach with large fingers, if fingernails are short.

  5. The durable stand and attractive design are what pulled me into buying this case. The stand is designed to last, the stand has a durable metal slow hinge mechanism that makes it easy to pose the phone in differnt ways. I already had a compliment on it at work. It looks like something expensive you would get from Sharper Image. Yet it is reasonably priced. Definitely recommended. Worthy of the iPhone x. I looked at Bestbuy at all the expensive cases, nothing compares to this. If you are witing for your iPhone x to,arive order this, and protect your new phone in style.

  6. I really like the quality of the phone case.It had nice feel touch to it and it fit my phone perfectly. “””good buy”””

  7. Very beautiful ipone X case, and this kickstand is pretty good. When I watch videos or read books, my hands will relax a lot. Material is also very strong, can better prevent mobile phone scraping and drop impact. I feel pleased with this purchase.

  8. I love this case and I’m very picky. I narrowed my search down to specific features. I wanted a stand with good protection, preferably a stand that worked horizontally as well as vertically, and one that is compatible with wireless charging. This case meets all those requirements and as a bonus it is super stylish! I also wanted a case that didn’t have a hole in the back revealing the apple logo. I hate that! Here are the specifics…The stand feels very sturdy. If you’re wondering how it functions to provide multiple angles, it is simply a tight hinge. It doesn’t click to specific angles as I thought, you can put it at any angle you want. And the hinge feels pretty solid so I don’t have the feeling that it will wear out and become less stable over time. Then it snaps back in place very securely. As for protection, I feel totally secure with this case. It seems very durable and I feel safe.The only issue you may have, is that the stand is not flush with the rest of the case, so it is slightly raised in that end when laying flat. I thought it was going to bother me at first but I don’t even notice it.Regarding the 1-star review, I don’t recall a claim of it being “military grade,” so I’m not sure what they are talking about. It feels more durable than any low profile case on the market.

  9. First of all, this is a stylish case. It is very pleasing on the eyes and it feels sturdy. The kickstand is top notch, folding out and back in slowly, with a slight “snap” at the end, just prior to closing. For all intents and purposes, everyone will initially be quite happy with it.However, upon closer examination, I notice it does not have any “microfiber” interior, as the box states. Additionally, there are slight visible cracks around where the metal bar assembly connects to the case. These fissures will allow dust into the back of the case, but so will the opening for the camera, which is obviously quite larger. Anyone who gets such a case (and there are plenty that at least have the camera opening uncovered), will need to be fastitious with cleaning, such that dirt doesn’t scratch against the phone. At least if it had a microfiber interior, some dirt might be locked away from causing problems.The bar is covered on the inside with a full-length strip of plastic. It feels “almost flush” with the rest of the interior of the back. I can press outward on this from the inside and it seems to comfortably go back to being a “full flush” with the back, so in practice, it will likely be fine.Laying it down on its back obviously forces the top of the case to tilt downward, as the kickstand assembly creates a bulge on the lower back. Some may find this permanent angling to be annoying over time as they use their phone (which I do not yet have, but should get on or by release day).I believe I will keep the case and place clear fingernail polish into the kickstand fissures from the outside of the case. This should minimize dirt in the bottom of the case.My wife agrees it is a good quality item. Nothing seems “cheap” about the case, and the kickstand should last a long time, as it doesn’t flop around and it stays at the angle you put it.

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