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1Design and Display – How do you create a deeply intelligent device whose enclosure and display are a single, uninterrupted element? That’s the goal we first set for ourselves with the original iPhone. With iPhone X, we’ve achieved it. With iPhone X, the device is the display. An all‑new 5.8‑inch Super Retina screen fills the hand and dazzles the eyes. The display employs new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners.
2Front and Back Glass – The front and back are all glass — the most durable we’ve ever made, with a strengthening layer that’s 50% deeper. A seven-layer ink process allows for precise hues and opacity, and a reflective optical layer enhances the colors. And an oleophobic coating lets you easily wipe off smudges and fingerprints.
3Wireless charging for a wireless world – We’ve always intended iPhone to be a truly wireless device, free from charging cables and headphone cords. With a glass back and an embedded wireless charging system, iPhone X is designed for a wireless future.
4Water and Dust Resistance – iPhone X is precision-engineered at the microscopic level to protect against water, splashes, and dust.
5OLED Designed for iPhone X – The first OLED screen that rises to the standards of iPhone, with accurate, stunning colors, true blacks, high brightness, and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.
6Improved Cameras – A larger and faster 12MP sensor. A new color filter. Deeper pixels. And a new telephoto camera with OIS. The wide-angle and telephoto cameras on iPhone X enable optical zoom, as well as digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.
7Face ID – Face ID is enabled by the TrueDepth camera and is simple to set up. It projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face.
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The best of the best!, excellent screen, easy to use...
Luis Alberto Enríquez - March 10, 2018
I received my X on launch day and I absolutely love this phone. If you would like a list of just my thoughts on the phone, scroll down pass the introduction.The transition:NO home button! The staple of the iPhone is gone; well, moved to a little notch at the top. I was expecting this transition to a home-button-less iPhone to be difficult, but all of the gestures feel so natural. I find myself annoyed trying to utilized an older iPhone as the interface now feels clunky. Switching through apps, opening the phone, accessing everything, it's all so easy. Now, this isn't to say there isn't a transition and while everything feels natural, there is a period of time where you have to get used to the new interface and some aspects that initially seemed difficult become second nature. For example, reachability was a favorite feature of mine and while it was initially hard to activate, I have now learned how to activate it without an issue (reachability brings the iPhone screen down halfway to reach top parts of the screen without moving your hand).Face ID:I was skeptical to say the least, but Face ID works (almost) perfect. It does however learn from its missteps and if it fails to identify you, it will add that data to its cache. I personally scanned my face normally the first time and on the second scan did it at roughly a 45 degree angle so I could lean over my phone to view notifications. As I've adjusted to Face ID, it has gotten faster and faster at scanning my face and it's not something you need to wait on to open your phone. By the time you swipe up on your phone, it's unlocked and ready to go (I seriously forget I have a password). I also really enjoy the ability to utilize Face ID for my password for other logins and the ability to open up an app directly from the lock screen without having to then enter my fingerprint/passcode.It's important to note here that your privacy is well, yours. No one has access to the data Face ID gather's and it is truly yours. Apple has a good track record on keeping your data private as they are not in the data business (hello Google & Facebook).The price:There seems to be this running idea that a $1,000 phone is a crazy purchase, but I would have to disagree. Why? My logic is as followed: Phone's are one of the most used devices (easily mine) so for starters, I would like a nice one. If I didn't buy the device in full, I would have been paying roughly $2/ a day on a contract with Verizon. The base model is a 64GB iPhone loaded with the best Apple has to offer. A 128GB 6S at launch was $850. Yes, there's a price difference, but my point is that it's not as gigantic as it may seem. I personally would advocate a 64GB version and utilizing cloud storage if you need more space, but do note, this is Apple's flagship and there are cheaper iPhone's out there.What I love:- The screen looks amazing. The colors are vibrant, the blacks are deep with black wallpapers flowing aimlessly into the phone (to the point you cannot see the notch in the screen if the wallpaper is black).- The Notch! Yes, the notch. Some people seem to hate it, I think it's iconic and makes the iPhone X stand alone in oled sphere. It fades into the user experience and I have not had any issues with it.- The screen size. I have always wanted a plus, but I always felt like it was too big for my hands. That I would drop the phone and there it goes. The X remedies this for me and I get to use a larger screen in nearly the same form factor as my 6S. The screen truly looks amazing and if you haven't seen one, check one out at a local store.- I'm not sure how much of this is just because my 6S was a few years old, but the taptic engine in the X is amazing. As in, when the phone vibrates, I can easily identify what it is through the vibration and the vibration itself feels smooth.- Force touch is also fantastic and the haptic feedback on everything from a like on twitter to moving apps around is wonderful. Makes the screen feel more three-dimensional in a way.- The camera takes wonderful pictures. I have taken a few pictures in portrait mode and some pictures genuinely look like they were taken with a DSLR camera.- The speakers are louder than I expected and sound very clear. Great for impromptu music listening.- The phone is a little heavy, but it is definitely comfortable to hold. It feels like a luxury device and has a certain weight to it.What I don't:Honestly, I do not have a genuine complaint at this point. The only complaint that comes to mind revolves around the lack of optimization I have faced in some apps, but that is a developer problem and even then, developers have optimized a majority of their apps and my issues have been few and far between.
Taylor - November 7, 2017
Exelent phone, works just how it’s shown.
Sebastian Cornejo - March 9, 2018
So many things are said about the iPhone X that we all know the truth of how amazing it is! Follow the tradition of growing with the brand is something that only Apple could achieve. This change from my iPhone 7plus to X is amazing! The most dramatic change is the absence of the button of the footprint, so I must always try to be with a good smile. You will love it! :-D
Gina Strusi - March 8, 2018
Great product. Would highly recommend.
Rachel Trout - February 28, 2018
Great!Bought it for my son and he is very happy with it. He says is awesome and that he fully recommends the item.
DeniseD - March 13, 2018
It's an excelent smartphone, more that I expected!!!
Mariano A. Lopez - March 6, 2018
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